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A sandbox is a common application developer's term for a test area where code can be developed and tested without affecting the server or the live code. Once tested, the code is then cut and pasted to the appropriate place.

In the MoparWiki, the sandboxes (we have three) are pages for those just getting started with Wiki editing to perfect their change without the change of doing damage to the article because of a mistake. For the safety of the Wiki, we would encourage you to please copy the section you wish to edit into one of the sandboxes for your editing. Then once you are certain that it is a real improvement, copy the code from the sandbox into the section of the Wiki you wish to improve.

There is one further step of safety we ask you to do, and that is to preview before saving. Right there next to the Save is Preview, take the extra second to click it and look over your work, as it gives you one last chance to not do damage to the Wiki.

The three sandboxes are:

If you see someone else's experiment in that sandbox -- try another. Chances are good that the last person is done with it and neglected to erase their work -- but for safety's sake try another anyway. From time to time we come through and clean out the sandboxes.

Please do legitimate MoparWiki experiments in the sandbox -- and do not post anything inappropriate. Spammers, and people post porn or hateful things will be banned from the server by their IP address.

If you need editing help, look to the Editing Help link at the bottom of the page. The help is very good and easy to understand.

This will initially look far harder than it really is. Anyone can collaborate on the MoparWiki articles, as the code is very simple and very logical once you look at it. You do not have to be a computer geek to do this -- so roll up your sleeves and improve a Wiki on a subject that interests you and you have knowledge of.