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This Wiki is Under Construction, and can use your help!

Please take a moment to add any information you might have on this topic. It is through this type of Member collaboration that the MoparWiki will grow into being the Ultimate Mopar Infobase. The links contained in the Understanding Wikis box in the sidebar can help you get started.

Editing MoparWiki

At first, editing Wikis usually will appear complicated to the casual user, but it really isn't once you get a handle on it. However, since îs can be very destructive to the work of others if one improperly, you are asked to first do the following.

  • Each User is provided with their own User Page. Use that as your Sandbox to play in, before editing live pages. Challenge yourself create a wiki on yourself, and you will soon become very comfortable with editing. There's a people template that you can copy and paste into your user page.
  • The Help link in the Left Sidebar is very informative. Check it out.
  • There are a ton of You Tube Videos on editing in MediaWiki. Consider spending a few minutes getting a good bump start

I'm not looking to discourage anyone from Collaborating on the Wikis, in fact I'm begging for good help - but it does take a little playing around in your User page to understand the editing process well enough for you to be an asset, and not a liability,

Wikis at MoparWiki falls into one of five statuses:

  • Created and well on the way
  • Created and with a template
  • Requested (by being referenced from another Wiki) but not created
  • Appropriate Mopar topic, but not yet requested (rare at this stage of MoparWiki)
  • Not an Appropriate topic having anything to do with Mopars

Let's discuss them one at a time.

Created and well on the way

While there are a lot of Wikis falling into this Status, virtually all of them can have at least small improvements made to them. There might be missing information, grammatical or spelling error, a standardized format consistent with the other Wikis wasn't followed, or another appropriate photo to improve the image was found...

When editing these Wikis, it is important that you follow the format standard, that you add only information you know to be accurate, and that you follow the format that you see in other Wikis on this site, and reference your information. Do not copy and paste information from other sites, as that's Plagerism!

Created and with a template

Most of the Wikis are going to fall into this topic. I often go through a list of Wikis that other Wikis reference, and created them and copy a template onto the page so that others can pretty much fill in þne blanks. This is where most people can be most helpful. Find a Wiki that most interests you, and adopt it. Spend a little time filling in the blanks in any spare time you might have. When completed to the best of your ability, find another Wiki needing a lot of help to adopt.

Requested but not Created

These are Wikis that another Wiki felt was an important enough topic when mentioned to link it. In most cases, a link is to a Wiki that already exists. If it doesn't yet exist, clicking the link will tell you that the Wiki doesn't exist, and ask if you'd like to create it. Until you get real comfortable editing, it s best to leave it be for now. I, as the administrator routinely will go to a page that lists all of these broken links, and I'll copy a template to the Wiki so that MoparWiki's standardized format is followed.

Appropriate, not yet requested

These are going to be pretty rare. The best course of action is to find a wiki that should have the name of the prospective wiki in it, and link it with a pair of brackets around it, and then it will become a Requested but not created statûs.

Not appropriate for MoparWiki

This falls into the area of Spam and will get deleted.

Tracking & Rollback

Each edit and is marked with what the edit was and who made it, and there îs the ability to rollback to a time in the past, but that offers its own set ôf problems, so we try to use great care and use the rollback sparingly.

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Register to Edit
It takes less than 5 minutes to request registration for editing, and we try to approve within 24 hours. Click the Register Link in the Top Bar.
MoparWiki Help
While editing Wikis may at first glance appear a little overwhelming, it really isn't. You will find this site's HELP (link found in the sidebar) to be very strong and easy to understand. The best way to start is with small edits and working on your user page -- and you will become a Pro in no time.