Advertise on MoparWiki

The expenses of having a dedicated server and the support staff to maintain MoparWiki is partially covered through the sale of advertisement, and the balance by Dave Schultz – the creator of the site. The traffic to MoparWiki increases every month, making the below opportunities about the best you can get on the net.

Leader Banner Ads

You can have a 728px X 90px banner ad rotating onto all of the wikis, which will link to your web site, for only $100 a year on a Paypal subscription. We’ll even create the graphic – so you need not do anything but approve the ad in an eMail.

Sponsor a Wiki

Those sponsoring a page have this banner with their name placed onto the page.

A business or an Individual can be the exclusive sponsor of any page of their choosing, which is not yet sponsored, for a one-time price of $100. A sponsor image will be placed on that page to let visitors know of your sponsorship.

Likewise you can sponsor 10 pages of your choice f0r $500

If you’re interested, click the “Contact MoparWiki” link on the Navbar, select the “Advertise on MoparWiki” option in the Subject, and give the particulars in the message box.