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A-100 Van
A-100 Forward Control Pickup
Little Red Wagon

A-100 and their stretched A-108 sisters were Forward Control Vans and trucks were sold by Dodge in the US and Fargo in Canada.

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Model Predecessor

Plymouth Suburban Panel Trucks and Dodge Pick truck previously were called on to handle the jobs done by A-100s -- but there was no real direct predecessor.

Model Successor

Export Versions

Sold as Fargos in Canada

Related Models

In 1967 Dodge/Fargo release the stretched A-108


  • Ford Econoline
  • Chevrolet Corvair
  • Volkswagen

Body Styles

  • Panel Van
  • Sportsman Van
  • 3 and 5 Window Forward Control Pickups
  • Side Door Van

Cargo Vans

Forward Control Pick Up Trucks

The A-100 Forward Control truck was a direct response to Ford's Econoline truck and Corvair's Rampside truck -- which in turn were a response to the Volkswagon Forward Cab Van and Pickups. While a little late in the game (Introduced in 1964) and didn't sell as well as the Ford - the Dodge Version was the best. The stretched A-108 Version came out in 1967. In 1965, with the introduction of the 273ci V-8, Dodge was the only Cab Forward pick up with an 8 cylinder engine. The A-100/A-108 trucks came in 3 window and 5 window versions.

Maybe the most popular of the A-100s ever built, was Bill "Maverick" Golden's Little Red wagon Wheel Stander.

Passenger Vans





  • Slant 6 170 cubic inch or Slant 6 225 cubic inch 1964-1970
  • 273 V8 1965-1969
  • 318 LA V8 1967-1970


The only transmissions available were either a three-speed manual or an automatic.


Length, Width, Height, Wheelbase, Cargo Space

The A-100's length was 170 inches and had a 90-inch wheelbase as well as 213 cubic feet of cargo space.

Year by Year Changes, Production Numbers, and Cost:


The A-100 van had a base MSRP of $2,062.


1965 saw the addition of the 273 V8 installed in the A-100 Vans and Forward Control Trucks.

Production was 35,535 built with the Slant Six and 5,810 build with the 273CI V-8. Total includes 3 and 5 Window pick ups, Panel van, Vans with side doors, Sportsman Vans and the more upscale Custom Sportsman.



1967 saw the introduction of the A-108, which rode on a 108" wheel base vs. the 90" of the A-100. It also saw the availability of the new 318 LA V-8 engine. Some other changes for this model year were safety padding on the dash and sun visors, a dual master brake system and a custom package that included rear quarter windows, chrome hubcaps, a cigar lighter, and additional interior trim pieces. The rear quarter windows were also available as a stand-alone option.




Current Prices

Current prices are variable according to popular pricing guides. A driveable van that needs restoring can range from $2,000 to $3,000 and a pick-up in need of restoration can range from $5,000 to $7,000. Trucks in excellent condition range from $12,000 to $15,000.


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