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also see Dodge Rampage Concept Vehicle

1982 Dodge Rampage
Rampage 2.2
1983 Rampage Brochure


The Rampage was developed by Hank Carlini and Lee Iacocca. The Rampage was the first front wheel drive pickup sold by Detroit automakers. The beds will not rust out on Rampages as they are galvanized metal rather than just painted bare metal. The Rampages payload was 1,145 lb. The base price in 1982 started around $6,700, the optional Sport package tacked on around $500.


The Dodge Rampage was a Front Wheel Drive 2 door pickup produced from 1982 through 1984. All were 84hp 2.2 4cyl powered.

Model Predecessor

Model Successor

Related Models


Body Styles

  • 2-dr Truck 1982-1984




  • 2.2L/84hp/2bbl


  • 4-Speed Manual
  • 3-Speed Automatic
  • 5-Speed Manual



  • 183.7" 1982-1984


  • 66.8" 1982-1984


  • 104.2" 1982-1984

Production Numbers

  • 1982
    • 17,636
  • 1983
    • 8,033
  • 1984
    • 11,732


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