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1978 Dodge Magnum
2005 Dodge Magnum
1978 Dodge Magnum GT


During the dark disco and low horsepower days in the late 70s, the Dodge Magnum was a beacon of sunshine.

The Magnum made a brief comeback in 2005-2008 as an LX Body.


Originally designed to become the 1978 Charger, the radical frontal styling reminiscent of a Cord from the 30s scared Dodge's management into hedging their bets and to continue the Charger while renaming the intended replacement the Magnum. The Magnum was an overwhelming success and the Charger was discontinued for 1979. In 1979, Dodge also released a 4-Dr version on the new R Body platform called the St. Regis. However, the oil embargo and gas shortages caused Dodge to drop the B Body platform for 1980 -- and the Magnum was replaced by the smaller J Body Mirada.

need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum

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Model Predecessor

  • Dodge Charger (for the 78-79 Model)

Model Successor

  • Dodge Mirada (for the 78-79 Model)

Related Models

  • Dodge Charger (for the 78-79 Model)
  • Chrysler Cordoba (for the 78-79 Model)
  • Plymouth Sport Fury (for the 78-79 Model)
  • Dodge Monaco (for the 78-79 Model)
need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum


  • Chevrolet Monte Carlo (for the 78-79 Model)
  • Ford Thunderbird (for the 78-79 Model)
  • Mercury Cougar (for the 78-79 Model)
  • Buick Regal (for the 78-79 Model)
  • Pontiac Grand Prix (for the 78-79 Model)

Body Styles

  • 2-Dr Coupe (for the 78-79 Model)
  • 4-Dr Wagon/Crossover (for 2005-2008)






  • 1978 -- 318CI, 360CI, and 400CI
  • 1979 -- 318CI, 360CI, and 360CI Police
need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum


  • 904 for small Blocks (for the 78-79 Model)
  • 727 for 400 and some HP 360s (for the 78-79 Model)
need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum

Magnum GT

For those who thought that the Magnum XE wasn't quite hot enough, there was the optional GT package. The GT package included subtle fender flares around the wheel openings, GR60 X 15 raised white-letter tires on 15 X 7-inch Magnum wheels, which were exclusive to this package. The GT also got you heavy duty shocks, leather covered steering wheel, firmer feeling power steering, and engine turned appliqués on the instrument panel and passenger vent panel.

In 78 there were 861 GT built. Available colors were Pewter Gray Metallic, Starlight Blue Sunfire Metallic, Tapestry Red Sunfire Metallic, Classic Cream, Eggshell White, Bright Canyon Red, Black.

For 79 the GT package was back, basically unchanged from last year, new colors included, nightwatch blue and teal green sunfire metallic. In addition to last year's options, this year's GT package included heavy-duty front and rear sway bars, heavy-duty torsion bars, and heavy-duty rear springs. If you wanted the 360 cid four-barrel V-8 engine, you have to either order the GT package, or order the Trailer-Assist package.

need information regarding the LX Magnums

The LX (2005-2008 Magnums)

need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum

Magnums in NASCAR

would like to have someone with proper references to discuss the Dodge Magnums in NASCAR racing

Magnum Force, The Car Craft Magnum

Someone interested in volunteering some of their spare
time to educate Magnum Lovers can go to
to find information and photos on the Car Craft Magnum

The Magnum in Brazil

Other Famous Magnums

Magnum Illusion

The Magnum Illusion was wheel-stander built by Bill "Maverick" Golden to match race with Lil Red Wagon

Black Widow Magnum

St. Regis Magnum

44 Magnum


Length, width, height, wheelbase

Wheelbase = 114.9" Overall length 215.8" overall width 77.1" overall height 53.4", Track-front 61.8" rear-62" Headroom front 37.7", rear 36.6", Hiproom Front 55.8" rear 57" legroom (maximum effective) front 42.4" rear 32.4" (minimum effective) Shoulder room front 59.2" rear 61" (for the 78-79 Model)

need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum

Production Numbers:


1978 Miscellaneous Production Totals

  • 360 cid V-8 32,522
  • 400 cid V-8 5,851
  • GT Option 861
  • T-Tops 5,070
  • Sunroof 2,344


1979 Miscellaneous Production Totals

  • 318 cid V-8 11,364
  • 360 cid V-8 14,002
  • GT Option 1,670
  • T-Tops 3,704
  • Sunroof 1,395


need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum


need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum


need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum


need information regarding the 2005-2008 LX Magnum


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