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Each MoparWiki has a discussion tab at the top of the Wiki.


Clicking the tab will allow the member to enter notes, which won't appear on the wiki itself.

  • The suggested uses are the following:
    • Suggested changes to the Wiki that
      • You are unsure it should be made are just putting it out there. Write a detailed comment on what your suggestion is.
      • You spotted a spelling or grammar edit and don't feel comfortable with markup language to make the change. Please copy the paragraph into the discussion page, and make the correction. Someone will come around and copy your change back into the wiki.
      • You have come across a site with good reference material to improve the wiki, but you
        • Don't have the time to make the change
        • Don't have the markup language skills yet to make the change
        • The page is protected
        • You're not very good at Wordsmithing. In these cases, cut and paste the l8nk into the discussion page and comment on what information in that link, and why, you think would improve the link.
      • You feel that the wiki contains bad or false information. As opposed to deleting or changing, comment on what information is wrong or false, what you feel the correct information is, and at least one good reference link to verify. An editor will verify what is correct and what is not - and take appropriate action.
      • Someone has maliciously deleted of changed your work, or the good work of another. Detail the situation in the discussion page and it will be investigated and rolled back, if necessary.
      • Spam and self promotion. Report it in detail on the discussion page and a moderator will take the appropriate action.

In severe cases of the above, follow up by contacting the MoparWiki Admin. It is also strongly suggested that you Watch the page by clicking the Watch Tab at the top of the wiki. That way you'll be notified when there are updates.

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