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Sox & Martin Pro Stock Duster


Sox and Martin is a legendary drag racing team that was made up of Ronnie Sox and Buddy Martin, who had teamed up in the early 1960s when Buddy Martin saw how well Ronnie Sox shifted under full power.

The Racing Years

The Sox and Martin team made the move to Plymouth in 1965 and took their "funny-looking car," which was a Hemi-powered, altered-wheelbase Belvedere match racing due to being banned from running in Factory Experimental class racing by the NHRA and made the first-ever nine-second pass in a naturally aspirated full-bodied car. The year 1965 was a very successful year for the team.

In 1966, the team switched to a Hemi-powered Barracuda, but this A-Body was no match for the funny cars the team came up against and as a result, 1966 was not as successful as 1965. Later in 1966, Bob Cahil, Ma Mopar's racing boss at the time made the decision to support Sox and Martin in Stock and Super Stock racing. This decision was made because Plymouth bosses thought that if Sox and Martin won on Sunday, it would help Plymouths sell on Monday.

Need to write about more years until 1972,
year NHRA banned anything running a Hemi


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