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Fargo was formed in 1913 as the Fargo Motor Car Company. They produced a line of trucks from 1913 until 1922. There where no Fargo vehicles produced from 1922 to 1928. In 1928 Chrysler created the Fargo Motor Corporation to build and sell commercial trucks.

Fargo began producing two full lines of commercial vehicles. The lighter vehicle, called the Packet was based on the Plymouth Model Q. The larger Clipper came on the Chrysler 65 chassis. Both used a mixture of Plymouth, DeSoto, and Chrysler parts. In 1930, the Plymouth four cylinder engine of the Packet was replaced by the DeSoto six, and a one-tone Freighter line was also introduced. They used parts from a variety of Chrysler Corporation vehicles, such as a Plymouth four cylinder engine and, later, a DeSoto six. Eventually, Fargo had a wide range of vehicles even including dump trucks.

With the purchase of Dodge, Chrysler not only grew several times its size, but it now had three truck lines: Fargo, Dodge Brothers, which produced light trucks, and Graham Brothers Trucks, which produced medium and heavy duty lines exclusively built and marketed by Dodge Brothers since 1921.The Grahm Brothers, having resigned their positions in the Dodge company, were preparing to build their own cars. This led to the decision to rebadge the Graham Brothers line as Dodge Brothers trucks, and selling them as well as the smaller Fargo line.

Due to being hard hit by the Great Depression, production of Fargos for the United States ceased in 1930. However many Dodge trucks sold internationally were still labeled as Fargo trucks. From 1933 to 1935, 3,500 1.5-ton Fargo trucks were made in Detroit for export. All Fargos sold in Canada where made in Canada. Fargo and DeSoto trucks continued to be produced in many parts of the world at least through 1978. The Fargo "E" VIN code disappeared in 1987 to make way for the new Eagle brand but Fargo and DeSoto trucks are still made in Turkey with no apparent relationship to Chrysler or Dodge trucks.


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