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1976 Dodge Warlock
1978 Dodge Warlock
1979 Dodge Warlock - may be incorrect wheels as they were suppose to be chrome for 79


The Warlock Pickup [truck]] started out a concept vehicle, but created so much excitement that Dodge made into an appearance model from 1976 to 1979. It could be had with any available engine from the Slant 6 to the 440 [RB]. It could also be had in both 2WD and 4WD

The Warlock started out as a D-100 2X4 with H70X15 Raised Letter Tires or W-100 4X4 pickup with 10"X15" tires. All had black interior with gold tape accents on the dash and door panels, and a Tuff Wheel. While most were black -- they also came in Dark Green Metallic, or bright Red for the first year. The exterior had gold pinstriping, solid oak sideboards with gold accents above the bed rails, and small chrome plated running boards. There was a gold "Warlock" script on the tailgate.

Options included 5-spoke wheels, bucket seats, tinted glass, bright rear bumper, and power steering.

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