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1980 Dodge Aspen

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The Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare were the F-Body replacements for the Dodge Dart Sport and the Plymouth Duster A-Body compacts. They very much resembled the A-Bodies they replaced -- but had chassis technology (like Isolator Front Suspension ) shared with the new M-Body, J-Body, redesigned B-Body (also know as the Forgotten B-Body), and R-Body. Sadly most of these new chassis didn't survive long -- as a financial crisis forced Chrylser into bankruptcy, with the New Chrysler focusing on FWD cars. In addition to the underpinning differences between the A-Bodies and the F-Bodies -- the F-Bodies dressed up the interior considerably over the previous A-Bodies and added a station wagon.

More recently, the Aspen name has been dusted off and placed on a Chrysler version of the Dodge Durango. See Chrylser Aspen


Model Predecessor

  • Dodge Dart
  • Dodge Dart Sport

Model Successor

  • K-Car: Dodge Aries
  • M-Car: Dodge Diplomat
  • J-Car: Dodge Mirada

Export Versions

Related Models

  • Plymouth Volare


  • Ford Fairmont
  • Chevrolet Nova
  • Pontiac Ventura
  • AMC Pacer

Body Styles

  • 2 Door Coupe
  • 4 Door Sedan
  • 4 Door Station Wagon

Aspen R/T

1978 Aspen Brochure



  • Compact/Senior Compact




  • 225 CID Slant Six 1bbl ('76-'80)
  • 225 CID Super Slant Six 2bbl ('76-'80)
  • 318 CID 2bbl LA Small Block V-8 ('76-'80)
  • 318 CID 4bbl LA Small Block V-8 ('78-'80)
  • 360 CID 2bbl LA Small Block V-8 ('76-'79)
  • 360 CID 4bbl LA Small Block V-8 ('77-'79)
  • 360 CID 4bbl hi-performance LA Small Block V-8 ('77-'79)


  • 904 Torqueflite Slant six, light duty applications
  • 998 Torqueflite V8, medium duty applications
  • 999 Torqueflite V8, heavy duty applications (i.e. 360)
  • 727 Torqueflite V8 extreme heavy duty applications, extremely rare (i.e. cop car)


Length, width, height, wheelbase

Year by Year Changes, Production Numbers, and Cost:


 don't forget the Aspen RT





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Drag Racing

1978 Aspen Drag Car

Contrary to popular belief (that the redesigned front end is too heavy for drag racing), the F-Body makes an excellent drag car -- which hooks up every bit as good as an A-Body with the same rear suspension. A 8 3/4" set up from an A-Body is a easy swap -- and an F-Body can use the same A-Body Cal-Tracks, Spring Relocaters, Off-Set Rear Hangers, S/S Springs, and Mono-Springs. Up Front, most A-Body parts -- such as Headers -- fit.

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