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=== [[Transmissions]] ===
=== [[Transmissions]] ===
[[904 Torqueflite]]
[[904 Torqueflite]] Slant six, light duty applications
[[998 Torqueflite]] V8, medium duty applications
[[999 Torqueflite]] V8, heavy duty applications (i.e. 360)
[[727 Torqueflite]] V8 extreme heavy duty applications, extremely rare (i.e. cop car)
== [[Specifications:]] ==
== [[Specifications:]] ==

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The Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare were the F-Body replacements for the Dodge Dart Sport and the Plymouth Duster A-Body compacts. They very much resembled the A-Bodies they replaced -- but had chassis technology (like Isolator Front Suspension ) shared with the new M-Body, J-Body, redesigned B-Body (also know as the Forgotten B-Body), and R-Body. Sadly most of these new chassis didn't survive long -- as a financial crisis forced Chrylser into bankruptcy, with the New Chrysler focusing on FWD cars. In addition to the underpinning differences between the A-Bodies and the F-Bodies -- the F-Bodies dressed up the interior considerably over the previous A-Bodies and added a station wagon.

More recently, the Aspen name has been dusted off and placed on a Chrysler version of the Dodge [[Durango]. See Chrylser Aspen


Model Predecessor

Dodge Dart, Dodge Dart Sport

Model Successor

K-Car: Dodge Aries

Export Versions

Related Models

  • Plymouth Volare


  • Ford Fairmont
  • Chevrolet Nova
  • Pontiac Ventura

Body Styles

  • 2 Door Coupe
  • 4 Door Sedan
  • 4 Door Station Wagon

Aspen R/T








904 Torqueflite Slant six, light duty applications 998 Torqueflite V8, medium duty applications 999 Torqueflite V8, heavy duty applications (i.e. 360) 727 Torqueflite V8 extreme heavy duty applications, extremely rare (i.e. cop car)


Length, width, height, wheelbase

Year by Year Changes, Production Numbers, and Cost:


 don't forget the Aspen RT





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Drag Racing


Contrary to popular belief (that the redesigned front end is too heavy for drag racing), the F-Body makes an excellent drag car -- which hooks up every bit as good as an A-Body with the same rear suspension. A 8 3/4" set up from an A-Body is a easy swap -- and an F-Body can use the same A-Body Cal-Tracks, Spring Relocaters, Off-Set Rear Hangers, S/S Springs, and Mono-Springs. Up Front, most A-Body parts -- such as Headers -- fit.

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